Keynote Speaker

歐建志 (Chien-Chih Ou), 博士 Profile >
Topic:Cancer immune therapy—from basic biology to clinical trial

蔡少正 Shaw-Jenq(Sean) Tsai, 司長. Profile >
Topic: Novel functions of circular RNA in colon cancer malignancy


Other Speakers

陳乃慈 (Nai-Tzu Chen), Ph.D. Profile >
Topic:Lectin-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Endoscopic Detection of Premalignant Colonic Lesions

蔡淑瑤 Profile >
Topic:Vitamin D2 content and antioxidant properties of fruit body and mycelia of edible mushrooms by UV-B irradiation

鄭如茜 Profile >
Topic:Dual effects of let-7b on the inhibition of HCV infection

陳宗祺 (Tsung-Chi Chen) Profile >
Topic:Current Studies on Tospoviruses – Diagnosis and Control


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